Apple iPhone9: Final Leaks and Rumours!

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Apple iPhone9: Final Leaks and Rumours!

A lot is going on what with the imminent launch of the iPhone 9 here. We've got more details on that the actual release date was thirteen point four point five developer beta. One has been released, so let's talk about what's new inside and some leaks spilled from that several new Apple products. So starting with the iPhone 9, John Prossera's front page tech has posted that Apple has held some internal meetings. They've tentatively decided on April 15 is the launch day or the announcement date, so it's very likely on the website. Apple will drop a press release they'll announce the new iPhone. 

It's rumored to be called just iPhone. I'm calling it iPhone 9 here for easier identification. He does mention we're in the middle of a pandemic so these dates could change but mid-April. April 15 the expect a launch Mac's wine bag corroborates this report saying we'll be seeing an iPhone SE launch on the calendar week 16 which about perfectly falls into that hip roll 15th date and Steve Moser mentions that the only visual difference from the iPhone 8 tot he iPhone 9 will be the centered Apple logo. So he confirms that it's good to know that Apple will make the entire lineup even here otherwise the same design and the colors will be silver space grey and red.

 So there have been reports that IOS 13.4 would be launching imminently from the verifier. Still, today we got Iowa's thirteen points four point five beta one. It's strange that Apple jumped so many numbers, but what's likely happening here is Apple has internally been working on several fixes. They came to thirteen point four point five, so that's what they're launching. The last time they did this was from eleven points two to eleven point two point five, and this likely incorporate that VPN fix, but Apple will still likely launch iOS thirteen point four point one here within the next few days, possibly by the end of the week.

So what's new inside I was thirteen point four point five makes it easy to share your Apple music - either Instagram or Facebook stories and the story of how that started is quite impressive. Apple is paying more attention to the younger crowd people that listen to music, and hopefully, they'll do this with many other features. But it's now possible to click share and then select Instagram or Facebook on a song in Apple music, and you'll get a very helpful visual guide on Instagram with a beautifully blurred background, and it does shift. So it has a very similar effect to lyrics. 

I like that a lot, and going forward, I wonder how this could influence apple decisions in iOS 14 about which features to add as this one could directly make them more money by adding more Applemusic and subscriptions. Steve Moser confirms that we are not experiencing the apocalypse right now. IOS 13.4.5 includes graphics for activity goals up until 2023 so rest assured it's not over yet and because of the iPhone 9 release date, I'd wager that we'll be seeing the release of iOS 13.4.5 sooner instead of the iPhone 9 launch on Wednesday and the verifier mentions were unlikely to see any major iOS 13 features being added before the launch of IOS 14. 

Mac has discovered that this upcoming iPhone nine will support the car key feature that we've heard about and they've determined that the iPhone 9 will support Express transit and car key and that feature are interconnected so the upcoming iPhone 9 will support power reserve which is a feature necessary for a car key to work without removing your iPhone from your pocket. They've also basically confirmed that not all iPhones would be supporting car key and I found input magazine's article regarding the iPhone 9 release timing quite intriguing they're saying that because of the outbreak this device the perfect device to become a hit as it's cheap and people are simply not spending much money on flagships right now. it would allow you to use your iPhone with a face mask on because it will be having touch ID and more. 

iPhone cases are showing up in retailers, also spelling an imminent release this UA. One showed up in Best Buy with a named 4.7 inch iPhone20/2 because it would be much worse to guess a wrong name and then have that sitting on the shelf now it's unclear if iPhone7 and eight cases will fit the upcoming iPhone 9 but from what we hear it will be point five millimeters thicker which means most should be compatible and there's no word on whether or not Apple will be launching the iPhone 9 plus the 5.5-inch model alongside this 4.7-inch model. Apple is working on the icon changes slightly, at least on music, and we already knew it wouldn't be a huge redesign, and this shows you that the icons will not be changing much at all. Apple has purchased the darks ky weather app client, it's the most accurate out there they're removing the Android app making an iOS exclusive and of course, they're most likely going to be utilizing it for iOS 14 possibly building it in natively with iOS 14. 

We heard about the iPhone being delayed past fall merely untrue, and they are on track to deliver their parts for the upcoming iPhone before fall, and Bloomberg chimed in saying the iPhone 12 production is on track. We'll be releasing this fall. Thank goodness I'm glad that there's no delay I want that iPhone 4 style design in my hands as soon as possible they're saying it's going to be happening thought the sacrifice of other Apple products. So Apple is pooling all of the resources to make the iPhone 12 happen this fall, but as a result, many other Apple products will be getting pushed back and delayed. We don't know which ones, though, and further evidence that all 2020 iPhones being launched this fall will have an organic LED display. 

Its fact that Samsung is shutting down its LCD lines due to waning demand. Samsung is closing all manufacturing for LCD displays at the end of this year. The future is moving on moving past LCD, and organic LED will be a standard. Even in mid-tier and lower-end phones eventually and Bloomberg reports that even though many Apple employees are currently in quarantine. Apple continues to work with them from home, developing new products such as the home pod, Apple TV, new MacBook Pro, budget iPad, the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iMac. So it's pretty much business, as usual, those devices still have to get developed, and we know that they're in the works they say that iOS and Mac OS updates are always on time to be launched in June the beta 1 version speaking of the iMac. 

 I'd like to know your thoughts about it. Personally, I don't think it would have a chin. Apple has already set a precedent with the new pro-XDR display but a very well made animation nonetheless. Max Weinberg does report a couple of new features happening in iOS 14, including emojis in messages. By default, iMessage will now support forward emojis. Such as - me or italicizing text so you'll be able to convey emotion better in words. Using this new feature, Max Weinberg confirms that at WWDC will be seeing apple's original over gearhead phones; he refers to them as the air pod headphones for air tags. He'ssaying they're being discussed for WWDC but are not confirmed just yet, and then ew Apple TV still does not have a date. 

Mac reports there will be anew AR mode in the fine. My app will be located air tags and specific locations more precisely, and another exciting Mac news Ming Chiku is reporting that Apple will be launching several new Macs, including portables and desktop computers with ARM processors. In 2021 he lists the advantages saying that they will significantly make the Mac computer even more unique. The prices for the processors will be 40 to 60 percent less, no more Intel. Apple's refresh cycle for the Mac's should get better as they won't have to rely on Intel anymore. This could bring more differentiation from Windows PCs. He also mentions that USB for the protocol, which is essential, Thunderbolt 4 will be happening on Macs. In 2022 so don't hold your breath on that one happening any sooner, and in recent patent grants, it to Apple face ID is coming to the MacBook and iMac computer probably. All Macs in the future as it only makes sense, and it could potentially be happening in the form of a notch, although. The patents do detail a notch-less version of this technology. There is a notch in there as well. 

So hopefully, they don't choose that option, and in this similar vein, upcoming iPads could have a notch as a patent application shows a notch on the iPad Pro in the landscape. The focuses of this patent, though are that Apple could be bringing the face ID components to the horizontal orientation on the iPad Pro, which currently. There is terrible support for all right guys that's the latest I've got a lot of exciting things happening so wait for iOS 14 stay tuned for more. 

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