Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks and Rumours, What to expect?

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks and Rumours, What to expect?

The two-year cycle of the design that was introduced with galaxy s10 is complete. The holy bunch holds the one that everyone is copying right now. It's time for a change, and this is the change from a camera hidden under the screen. According to ISO, newer Samsung is considering using the under-screen camera technology for the Galaxy S21. Currently, they are testing out its visibility. Its reliability efforts at that level to be inside of a global flagship or not. This is indeed a hard thing to do, but it's certainly not impossible. Brands like Oppo and show that they all have the under-screen camera. 

Pearl dives, in the past, opposed hidden camera phone was even in the hands of reviewers like they are confident to show off their prototype. Apple could release a smartphone with under-screen technology towards the end of the year. So Samsung saying this needs to happen if there is one company that can perfectly nail it. It's something I'm pretty sure. Samsung saying is right on the level of Oppo. With this, of course, they don't show off Pro dives just like that; we only see the official product right now. We can only hope that what they have built is reliable enough, so if it does happen, then it's going to be the peak of smartphone design. Completely shattering the competition now, this is not the only exciting thing that's going to happen with the S21. 

Samsung settings five nanometers, Exynos processor, is coming yes Exodus will stick around, and I know there's currently a lot of heat going o. Before you hate and listen up, a vast report coming from South Korea claims that Samsung is developing an exodus shape in collaboration with Google. Yes, if there is one company out there. It's Google, according to the report, the next Exodus chip will be based on the five-nanometer process. It will use arms unannounced cortex 78 cores, which is expected to be 20% faster than cortex a 77, which you currently see on chipsets like Snapdragon age 65. Samsung will no longer use their custom mangoes. They're going to use the proper arm cores with ml IB 20 GPU that is also unannounced on top of that. Instead of using their ISP, Samsung will utilize Google's visual focus and Google's, and bu now both of these two things from Google is something you see on pixel devices. It has the best Android optimization as well as with third-party applications like Instagram and Snapchat. This is main reason why both Instagram and Snapchat work better on pixel devices compared to any other Android phone out there. 

These apps utilize the camera of Pixel devices, which they don't do on Samsung phones. This is a great move indeed, and I'm sure there will be a lot more benefits to it. Five-millimeter plus might be 20 plus Google visual core. All of this is expected to come this year, yes, by the end of the year. This actually will be ready if you look at everything it's doing tremendous to be used on the galaxy note 20 families, which is why most likely Samsung will utilize this on the Galaxy S21. Now you might be thinking where AMD is? We've heard that the first AMD GPU based Exynos chip could come in 2021. What we don't know is the actual date, so this could still happen in diversity second half of next year when the galaxy note 21 will be ready. We're always very far away, so things can even change. Yet, for now, the mullah p 20 GPU is expected to be inside the 5 nanometers Exynos 1000 chip likely that's going to be the name that Samsung will go for not only S21, but it is you're probably going to be featured on some Chromebooks. Even the servers there's going to be a lot more used to it. 

Now we have come to know through Google's software League that pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL won't use flagship chips, so this collaboration is likely for future Galaxy devices. Additionally, Google could utilize this for their products or even for their next flagship pixel phone if they change their plans. So, guys, the stage is set the reliability of under-screen camera technology is in testing. Samsung is working on everything that people want a better Exodus chair and its under-screen camera technology. I'm super excited to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what you think about this.

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