Apple Foldable iPhone? A great Gadget to expect from Apple

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Apple Foldable iPhone? A great Gadget to expect from Apple

The future is foldable. What's up, guys? It's time to talk about the inevitable, which is Apple releasing a foldable device in the future. A foldable iPod /iPhone hybrid based on the latest beta information proves that it is real. Apple has full plans for it, and we could see it very shortly. Currently, Samsung is the king of foldable smartphones already released two major foldable devices a clamshell galaxy Z-flip and the tablet/phone hybrid the Galaxy fold. Other companies have also released foldable devices such as Huawei LGD and Motorola.  

With the current success of the Galaxy SIII flip, it may be time for Apple to step up the game, so this came out just recently. It's a follow-up to the foldable baton that we saw last year there are some new things discussed here which are similar to how Samsung has approached their foldable devices. This baton highlights the tablets like phone hybrid foldable solution. It presents the foldable display layer and the cover layer for its protection and also different folding configuration. Three states available divine stage one is the unfolded stage, Stage two is the intermediate stage in between, and then stage three is the folded State. 

The term cover layer is mentioned, which is going to be a layer to protect the foldable display, as you have seen with the galaxy Z flip and the galaxy fold. Samsung has this plastic layer to protect the foldable display here in the Apple beta, and it discusses a bit different material for that instead of plastic. So the material could be made up of glass sapphire and ceramic as for the display technology, it could be an LCD or OLED panel, which means if Apple wants to release a cheaper version of available devices, they could use the LCD.  I'm pretty sure they're going to go a little all the way when that happens. Once again, this is an update to the previous bit and a foldable iPhone that came out last year. Usually, Apple never does something big or risky first off. They always see how others do it and if there is a demand in the market for such a product and with Samsung taking the risk and breaking the boundaries and being successful at it. The sales of galaxies they flip are going great, it's a testament that the market is ready for foldable devices. It's the next big thing, and it seems Apple will bring its own follow production shortly, not this year for sure, maybe in 2021. But what is coming this year is the iPhone dual series. 

We got some existing new details, but a potential delay can happen because of coronavirus. It has already affected the launch of the iPhone 9, which is supposed to happen this month, and this could further affect the 5g iPhone launch as well in September. As for the leaks itself self, the most exciting new hole is regarding the camera. According to vine leaks on Twitter, Apple is testing a 64 may be a sensor for the iPhone pro models. This big, high-resolution sensor is the new thing with smartphone cameras as we have seen so many Android phones using big sensors. This could again help to bring more like the sensor and improves sharpness in addition to this. Apple is also testing night mode with ultra-wide-angle and front camera lens. This is something that they can bring to the existing iPhone 11 series as well. Now for the future of not Apple is working on some prism design - how's the Face ID sensors in the upper bezel? This is entirely in its early stages. 

It could happen in the next two years, but right now the knotch is here to stay so all in all the foldable display bit and confirms that the plans and the behind the scene work is going for this productin. In the future, as for the iPhone 12 series, the camera will be improved further. The not elimination plans are in the works as well for the next years, which means the future of Apple could be exciting if you are an Apple fan. So how excited are you for a foldable product from Apple? As I said, it is inevitable, the pittance of the proof it's going to happen.

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