Samsungs new chipset, AMD?

Apr 16, 2020 Hasnain Raza News 398 hits

Samsungs new chipset, AMD?

Samsung has never been under fire this much in recent years, the exodus chipset it is as annoying as an Arturo Ramon that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What we want is equality. Many users are reporting lousy battery life, overheating, autofocus issues etc. None of these complaints is coming so far from Qualcomm Galaxy S 20 devices, and a lot of other manufacturers use Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 champ. So now none of those has any problem. This is only a Samsung issue, and it calls for one thing, and that is Samsung needs to bring AMD as early as possible. 

Today we have a new report that has given us more inside of Samsung and Google collaboration. It seems like welcomes Android dominance, as well as Apple's chipsets, are about to face some serious competition.  As reported on x-com, Google has received its first working batch of chips that they have designed in collaboration with Samsung. That chip is going to be a 5-nanometer chip with latest ARM cores as well as the newest arm GPU. The male IP 20 and since it's a Google chip, it's maybe using Google's Nero core as well as Google's ISP. Google is more involved in this than ever before because this is for their pixel and Chromebook devices coming next year.  Samsung is also said to be helping apple with their 5-nanometer chips, and most importantly, their Exynos chips you see Samsung never uses the stuff that they make for other manufacturers. They always have something special planned for their flagship Galaxy phones. The 5 nanometer Exynos chip with AMD could still happen for the Galaxy S 21. It makes all the sense you see this chip is for Google which means it's probably not going to be on the galaxy 21, and it's made for pixel 6 which means that next year pixel devices will not only be faster but possibly have more than four years of software support. 

Thanks to Samsung, Google has a lot of control on this chip a lot more than what they have with Qualcomm chip. So we could see the best optic with software as well as the camera. I mean, I cannot wait to see this Google is about to challenge Apple in a way we have never seen before. This leaves Samsung their own, and this is the time to bring AMD in according to one of Samsung representative he said that AMD is the best in the game one of the oldest.

When it comes to the GPU manufacturing and their GPUs will greatly enhance Samsung's own mobile SOC and other application. The first AMD based Exynos chipset is expected to arrive in 2021. One of the weakest points of Exodus chip right now is the Meli GPU. The Adreno GPU consistently outperform said if you do long-term gaming under heavy load. Adreno keeps a stable FPS, so considering how much Samsung has been bashed against the wall because of "X" and "S" this needs to happen. In my opinion, Samsung needs to make their processor way powerful than Qualcommchipsett and use that chip worldwide everywhere so that we have one consistent performance on all of Samsung's flagship phones just like Apple and Huawei. They have their one shape for their devices. Samsung needs to stop relying on Qualcomm and go on their own, and I believe AMD is the answer. Thanks for reading my article.

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