Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Comming!

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Comming!

The most significant Samsung Galaxy fold leak has arrived, and according to this, the s-pen is happening along with some other cool stuff that you did not expect. So the news is coming from DCC Ross, and it's revealing all the details of the mega powerhouse. Soon the world will see first of the galaxy folds two is said to Rock with a 7.6-inch display, a 6.2-inch cover display and no the under-display camera. Unfortunately not ready at the moment, so Samsung is going with the second-best option which is to implement the punch hole camera system. Ben Gas conchas made an excellent concept sketch of how the fold too could look in real life so you can see it's looking pretty damn good but wait that's not the craziest part.

The best part is is that it's rocking a 120 Hertz refresh rate OLED foldable display. Do you hear how awesome these terms are? A 120 Hertz foldable display I don't think this has been done ever before so this will be the first time we see a foldable device with a 120 Hertz refresh rate similar to the Samsung galaxy S 20 families. Do keep in mind that this is said to be only exclusive to the main tablet display version of default. If we talk about the resolution of that displays coming at two to one three by one six eighty-nine as for the outer cover displayed that is happening with 60 Hertz refresh rate with a resolution of 2 to 67 by 819. Once again, this is going to be OLED as well. Finally, one of the most awaited features the Samsung should have done with the first fall is the s-pen inclusion. So the galaxy folder is said to Rock. The S Pen and yes, a previous report was wrong. This is indeed a great addition to the fall glory. Offf course there are concerns regarding the durability, how the s-pen will affect everything but it is so amazing and crazy that Samsung will be putting these-pen inside a foldable phone like engineering-wise that is just marvellous.

The galaxy foldable two is set to rock the same kind of display tech as the Galaxy S3 flip so you can expect to see an outer display layer to protect the main foldable panel. It's fascinating to see how the main tablet display will handle the s-pen touches. Now there is a chance that the s-pen might only work with the outer six-point. The two-inch display again we'll see more info on that. I'm pretty sure Samsung will figure this out in the best way possible that's what inspects the galaxy vol 2 is set to rock the great specifications. You're gonna get the top-of-the-line specs possibly. This could be the first phone from Samsung to have the UFS 3.1 storage similar to how the galaxy fold was the first to have UFS 3.0.

You can expect the camera of the Galaxy S 20 plus on this phone which is, in my opinion, a better choice over the ultras camera considering the current issues. They're going on so with that camera you get 8k video 30x zoom, excellent night mode all that good stuff. I know most people were not expecting and this is going to bring the galaxy fold due to a whole new level of foldable glory and don't forget Samsung will be bringing the bass 256 GB version of the fold 2. It could be cheaper than the previous model. Hopefully, so more people can buy this but don't expect to be super cheap because it is packing so much awesomeness.

Now if you're not that excited about the galaxy to fold two, but you still want to have a tablet version of Samsung's best impressive specs then that is going to be the Galaxy Tab S. According to new rumours, it is coming very soon in a lot of markets, possibly with a 120 years display and similar specs to the S20 family. This will be a head-to-head rival to the iPad pro. Now, what this report is pretty clear that Samsung settings in-display camera phone won't be coming this year, so that is something. Samsung will plan for the Galaxy S21 coming next year. Thank you for reading my article.

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